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First Release Party For The Living

Monstercat 004 - Identity

Latest Release Frame of Mind

017 - Ascension

Appears On 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 010, Best of 2012, 012, 013, Best of 2013, 016, 017
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Tristam (real name Leandre Berube) is a Canadian producer on Monstercat. He was born on the 26th February of 1995.


He first appeared on the album 'Monstercat 004 - Identity' with the track 'Party For The Living'. Today this track has over 500 000 views on YouTube and is one of the most popular tracks on the album. However it wasn't until Tristam released his second track, 'Follow Me', that he became really famous on the Monstercat label. 'Follow Me' became the most viewed track on the Monstercat YouTube page until recently when it was beaten by Pegboard Nerds' 'Disconnected'. However 'Follow Me' was not the only release from Tristam on the album Monstercat 005 - Evolution as he and a friend of his, Rogue, released 'Pushed Away' just 9 days later. This was also Rogue's first release that was uploaded to Monstercat, today he is one of the larger artists on the label. However it appeared Tristam didn't seem satisfied enough on his amount of tracks on Monstercat 005 - Evolution as 16 days after his collaboration with Rogue he released 'Who We Are' . Representing an album with 3 tracks, Tristam still holds the record for the most amount of tracks released on the same Monstercat album. Tristam was also one of the first artists to get a track of his on the album Monstercat 006 - Embrace, this time with 'Undercat' using some help from Zealot in the song and he was also one of the artists to make the album complete when he released 'Talent Goes By' as the 18th song of the album out of 20. Monstercat 007 - Solace is seen by many as the best Monstercat album and Tristam did not disappoint with his appearance on the album, as the 17th track of the album, Tristam released I Remember, which is still seen today as one of the best songs not only on the album, but the Monstercat label. At this time Tristam was by no doubt the biggest artist on Monstercat however he took a break from releasing music.

Tristam then released 'Too Simple' in collaboration with Stephen Walking for Monstercat's album 008, however he did not release a track for 009. When the album Monstercat 010 - Conquest was being finalised, Tristam returned with something every Monstercat-fan holds close to their heart. Tristam's new track 'Truth' was what people had waited for. The "King of Monstercat" was back and better than ever. However, even though 'Truth' was such a great comeback for Tristam however was far away from being his biggest track, with around 3,000,000 YouTube views it is considered below "Tristam Standards". Tristam did not appear on 011 either but in the meantime, he was developing Flight , a collaboration with Braken, which is now the most listened song from the entire label on Spotify and is the only track from the Monstercat 012 - Aftermath album with over 1,000,000 views. Currently Flight is at 13 million views. He then released Razor Sharp, a collab Tristam made with Pegboard Nerds, which has reached over 6.5 million views on YouTube which is very high for Monstercat standards. This track was released on the 013 - Awakening album.

Tristam did not make a return for 014 nor 015, but did return for 016 with 2 new tracks, 'Till It's Over' and 'Once Again'. 'Till It's Over' currently stands with over 3 million views while 'Once Again' has received over 1.2 million views. Both songs contain a very Tristam feel to them and feature the infamous Tristam vocals. Tristam then returned in 017, releasing another collaboration with Braken, 'Frame of Mind'. 'Frame of Mind' is a Drum and Bass song that, once again, features Tristam vocals. The song has gained a substancial amount of views since it was released a month ago; the view count curently stands at 2.5 million views. 

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